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Designing and Building with Us

The First thing we Build is a Relationship.

We are truly honored to have the opportunity to guide you through the design + build of your dream home and want to get to know one another right from the start so that we can understand who you are, how you will use each space, and all of the details that are important to you!

We also want to give you the opportunity to get to know us, our work ethic, and a chance to see how passionate we are about your project.

Meet the team that will be guiding you through this exciting new journey.
I am ready to set up an initial meeting.

Designing your Dream Home!

Now comes the fun stuff, our architects and design team will create a custom design proposal for you. The preliminary design includes sketches that will evolve into the room layout and exterior views your dream home will include.

When the look and flow of the home feels just right to you, we will develop construction-grade documents (blue prints) that will allow us to estimate building costs and give you all the information you need to begin building your masterpiece.

Note to the Dream builder: The design process is a partnership requiring dependable communication between our staff and you. Because we are committed to giving you a design that exceeds your expectations, if we are chosen to also build your home, we waive 50% of the design proposal fee!

Final selections have been made and we have your approval for the build agreement. Now we begin working with a local title company and your lender to secure all of the logistics. At this time our Project Management team will file for permits and schedule the breaking of ground!

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From House to Home, Make it your Own!

We find that people really love this part. This is where we make a house transform in-to your home. While we are taking the time to send your final home plans off to the subcontractors, in order to get the detailed specifications used to create an accurate and thorough estimate, you will be doing some shopping with our interior designer. Explore your tastes and enjoy picking out finish materials, colors, and the elements that make your space, yours. Although the selections do not have to be final, we like to get these items well-thought out over the next few weeks.

Budget-Friendly for Everyone.

We optimize each home we design and build in order to further maximize the value we are providing. Independent energy and financial analysis provides the extra level of detail we need to be sure that whatever the budget is, it's being spent in the places that provide the most for your money. We don't build every home the same, or guess what the best investment is, we model the home and guarantee it.

From design to estimates to optimization, we can finalize numbers to come in on budget.

See your budget in action and view inspiration from the homes we have done.
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Let’s Build!

This is the moment you have been dreaming of! Get ready to watch as your visions and plans come to life. Walls go up, roof goes on, and every detail of your designs start to take form. The communication you have with our project manager will keep you up to date on the schedule throughout and in just a few short months you will be laying down the welcome mat to your new home.

I am ready to build my dream home.

Living and Loving your Home.

This is by far our favorite part. Watching you enjoy your new space is exactly what we set out to do. You now have a place to build memories. We don’t just aim to create a dining room, we aim to create a space for holiday celebrations, belly laughs, and tackling the homework with your kids. Our designs are well thought out masterpieces that you have placed your individual touch on. Your new home is meant to withstand years of wear and tear and memory-making. We love building relationships AND homes with people like you. We still like to stop by here and there to be sure you’re as happy with your home as you were the first day you moved in.