Leading Custom Home Builder

You dream of a beautiful home, a fantastic neighborhood, and a thriving family. As your custom home builder we set out to provide just that. Although we are always developing neighborhoods and have lots available, we also design and build custom homes on your lot too. No matter where in the Fox Valley area, our architects will design, customize, and build your perfect home on your perfect piece of land.

If you have a home building site you are eager to call home, let our architects design the space to take full advantage of the views, exposures, and neighborhood offerings. The benefit of building with a custom home builder like the Wesenberg team is our unique ability to create custom designs and follow the journey through to completion, securing every detail. When you have the Wesenberg team design and build, you get the most out of your land and the design of the home because there are no ideas lost in translation from an architect to the builder. The end product is a perfect home that holds the space for beautiful memories to come! The picture to the right has a slider to show you how our designs come to fruition during the build process. The before and after accuracy is truly remarkable!

Custom Home Builder BeforeCustom Home Builder After

"Make It Beautiful"

When Chet first started the business, he was working with a client on a dream home late one evening. They were diving deep into the details, down to talking about the thickness of the treads on the stairs. Suddenly, the client looked at Chet and said "I trust you. Make it beautiful," and it stuck with the team all of these years. We hope that each client can gain a level of trust with our team because we focus on listening so carefully, developing the craftsmanship, and building the best partnerships to provide our clients with a space that is beautiful.