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Our dedicated family of designers and architects strive to create meaningful relationships with every homeowner, getting to know who you are as a person instead of a customer. We believe as your home builder that this important to help you thrive in your new home long after the process is complete.

In fact, we would like to start the relationship right now by offering our personalities for you to discover directly below!

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Our Story

From architects and designers to realtors and energy experts, the Wesenberg Homes team has you covered. Take a few minutes to get to know our Wesenberg Homes family and when you'll be seeing us along the way.

Chet Wesenberg

Principal Architect

A man with a mission, Chet and his family moved back to their hometown to start a business based on passion. He wanted to be more than just a home builder, he wanted to build communities and neighborhoods that people felt they could belong in. The process was clear from the start, he would need to design and build the spaces to see the full story come together. Chet places a part of his own heart in every design and sees to it that each person has a home they can truly thrive in, not just today, but for a lifetime. He knew that meant finding details that made up the everyday life and would have significant impacts in providing flexibility, joy, and growth in a home.
When Chet isn't partnering with families and building dream homes, he is usually found golfing, skiing or watching his three growing girls on the soccer field. You will know Chet is nearby when you hear his contagious belly laugh.


Clint Thull

Project Manager

Clint is a busy member of the Wesenberg team and will often be seen getting his hands dirty to get things done! As our Residential Project Manager, Clint makes sure everything is running smoothly from start to finish. You will have a ton of contact with him because he aims to see that every deadline is met for you.
When he's off the clock he likes to be in the great outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his beautiful wife and pups. Clint loves the independence of his career and seeing homes come together for families. His favorite project so far has been the building of his own home!







Claire Stollfus

Interior Designer

Claire is a new bride and dog mom, and if you caught her on a Saturday, you would probably see her enjoying the outdoors. During your experience, you will spend time with her at showrooms and in-house meetings to help make all the home selections. She also does an excellent job creating 3D models so you can visualize the project! Claire believes she is a part of the everyday results that add to each project, so she works hard to achieve the home you want.

If she had to become an animal, it would be a fish, because she is so scared of going snorkeling but is dying to see the beauty of the ocean.






Becki Wesenberg


Becki is not only native to Oshkosh, but she has also been with the Wesenberg family since we were born in 2004. She and Chet have been married for many happy years, and she has always enjoyed developing the business with him. You will likely see Becki when you are deciding on decor choices like cabinet colors and flooring. She is also a realtor and can help with selling your existing home or showing you one of our Ready Homes. When Becki isn't working, you will find her at one of her three daughters' soccer games, cheering from the sidelines. If she had to be an animal, she would be a dog. We think it is because of her true love for her pup, Josie.



Seth Romme

Marketing & Energy Advisor

Meet Seth, our Marketing Manager & Energy Advisor. He is also your go-to guy for Cost Optimization and Modeling through his company eFree Advisors. You may meet him when you uncover the smartest & most economical way to build your dream home. You may also see him in the final stages doing home testing and certification to make sure your new space is as efficient and comfortable as we promised. On the weekend he is almost always with his beautiful wife and kids playing outside or watching football, "Go Badgers & Packers!".

When asked which design he likes most, he said he seems to love parts of every new home we create. See our most recent homes here.


Kyle Coenen


Kyle is our residential designer intern. A country boy at heart, he proves it by having the longest commute to the office so he can have a short drive to the North Woods. You will likely find him analyzing potential issues with designs, identifying construction standards and material limits, and researching code requirements as well as getting to know market trends so that your dream home can become a safe and secure reality.






Corey Wallace


Meet Corey, our Senior Architect, and a wonderful father, husband, as well as our dry humor expert. Corey primarily works with our Wesenberg Architects branch providing design assistance with commercial projects, but he will also be accommodating you by meeting any needs or requests you may have during the design process. But that is not all Corey does; he provides us with a variety of in and out of office assistance, and you may see him actively ensuring everything is going smoothly throughout your experience.

If he had to choose, Corey would say his favorite project has been Cumberland apartments.


Tim Hess

Business Manager

Hands down the best hair on the team! Our business manager, Tim, is making sure everything goes as planned for everyone in the office so that your experience goes as smoothly as possible. At home, he is often found being "geeky" and learning the newest technology or hanging out with his wife and kids. The thing Timothy loves most about the design + build process is seeing a dream start as a drawing on a piece of paper come to life before his eyes.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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