Homeowner Experiences

There is no better way to get to know a builder than through the collective eyes and experiences of others. We take great pride in talking with our homeowners after the their design and build is complete, learning what we did well and what we can improve on. Although they are past clients, we consider them forever family. We invite you to immerse yourself in their experiences and envision yourself in your very own thriving space.

We knew Chet and Becki from church, but ultimately chose Wesenberg Homes because the company was able to be both our architect and builder. We started with home ideas from books at the library. We took a basic plan and worked with Chet to create the forever home that incorporated timeless design with modern conveniences. Chet was very upfront with the cost, and we made choices that allowed us to work with a manageable budget.

We got the opportunity to partner with some of Wesenberg Homes’ creative subcontractors. The finish subcontractors such as the cabinet provider had displays which encouraged exploration and removed any doubts about how things would turn out. They worked with us to make final finish selections later in the process, which allowed decision-making to be made in the final environment.

The build process was made accessible because of the harmonious relationship the team had. Clint’s team managed bumps in the road with subcontractors to ensure that timelines were met.

We couldn't be happier with the result. We receive many positive comments on our home. Our guests love the openness of the floor plan, the amount of glass throughout the house, and spaciousness of the heated garage. We love our home because it is in an area of Oshkosh that we cherish and is simple yet fully meets our needs for not only now but into the future. We were fortunate to be able to incorporate many energy-saving features which have manifested themselves in a very comfortable environment while minimizing utility bills.

We have told many prospective homeowners of the positive experience we had with Chet and his crew. I know of three referrals that have resulted in a positive building/remodeling experience with Wesenberg Homes!

-Archie & Ann

We relocated from Florida to Wisconsin at a time when the housing market was going fast which is where our decision to build stemmed from. We found Wesenberg Homes online through a Google search and reached out via email. The team was quick to respond and very accommodating to meet with us during a weekend house-hunting trip to show us their work in a few homes at different stages of the building process.

The concept of building a home often comes with a stigma of extra time, extra costs, and extra headache, but our experience was far from it! We chose a design along with many details ahead of time, so we knew from the start exactly what floors, sink, even appliances were going in our home and at what costs. I think it is rare to start your new construction home with all of this decision-making already hammered out. Nothing was a surprise during the 6 months it took to construct our home, which is so reassuring for this Type-A planner. The Wesenberg team worked within our budget but was mindful not to use bottom-of-the-barrel type materials. Things like soft close drawers, energy efficient windows, and floors that fit life with small children and dogs were their version of standard.

A huge reason our experience was so successful was the individuals of the Wesenberg team! They knew our family, our design taste, our goals and our visions. Communication was streamlined so everyone that had a hand in our building process knew each of the smaller pieces. They approached our build with the same level of precision and care of their own homes. For example, we chose a refrigerator that was going to have a small space next to a cabinet and it was Clint that suggested a slightly larger refrigerator to better fill the space. He gave us the dimensions and we were able to find a perfect fit.

We take a lot of pride in our finished home, as well as the fact that we built this home on time and on budget. Those accomplishments would not have been possible without Chet, Clint and Claire of the Wesenberg team and their ability to juggle it all. We cannot recommend Wesenberg Homes more highly. Wesenberg Homes not only built us a house; they built us a home for our family to grow in and we cannot wait for more families to have this opportunity.

-Cory & Katie

We loved Chet and his team of people! Our remodel turned out just how we wanted! He listened and was there for any input or vision I had! Highly recommend. Best in town!


Beautiful homes and even better communication through the buying process. Chet really cares about people, he wants his houses to be homes.

-Cody & Tina

We started our home build process at a Parade of Homes where we really liked this one particular new build but decided to buy an existing home instead. We always had the thought to build a space, like the home we saw, in the back of our minds. It was couple years later that we decided to pull the trigger and sit down with Chet. We told him about the house we loved, a few rough ideas and list of must-haves, and he came back with a design that we loved right away.

The team was great to work with start to finish with a short 3-month turnaround, it was neat to see it happen so fast with no waiting around. I was shocked even more to be right on budget!

When it came to the building process, things were smooth with excellent communication, and I always felt they were upfront about any other costs associated if they arose.

We built a comfortable home meant to be practical and not too fancy (we have a slide coming down the stairs). People comment on how fun the house is and the details of the living areas. The team listened to how we wanted to take advantage of each area, so we feel like there is a space for everything here, and the day to day life is very natural in our home.

It was a great experience that I would recommend to friends. Wesenberg Homes has this great advantage of being able to provide everything for the process from lots to interior designers to builders. I was impressed with it all including the flexibility to use your own subcontractors if you know someone.

-Frank & Jodi

We had been living on a houseboat in Winneconne for 14 years before we decided to buy a lot on the river to build on. It was pretty early on that we started to explore our options by going to Parade of Homes and meeting potential builders.

We sat down and talked to the Wesenberg Homes team and immediately liked that they were approachable and showed excitement about designing a custom home tailored to our wishes. The ideas we had were particular and somewhat unique. Chet shared a variety of ideas himself, showing he could be versatile, which is why we chose Wesenberg Homes.

Our focus was on the river and being outside. It was essential to design a space that brought that to life. We were building a home to retire in, and we needed it to be practical and energy efficient. We shared magazine clippings and photos, and Chet absorbed all of it. It wasn't more than a day later that the vision was sketched and precisely what we were looking for. Surprisingly the floor plans didn't really change from that original sketch!

We began the build process right after the drawings, immediately sitting with Clint and looking at design details and finishes. We remember thinking everything came together naturally. You hear horror stories about it being difficult, but we didn't agonize over anything because we felt guided throughout the process. We checked in with Clint frequently. He kept us up to date on what was going to happen and what was coming up. It was this open, responsive approach that really stood out for us.

Now that we are living in our home, we are loving it! We could not be happier with the details and the home's simple, sophisticated design. It fits our lifestyle perfectly. The Wesenberg team accomplished this by really listening to our needs then collaborating on the details! We highly recommend Wesenberg Homes to anyone who is desiring a personalized experience with a team that makes it happen!

-Dan & Colleen

We were looking to move into a larger home and having challenges finding the right home for us, when a co-worker mentioned an open lot. He had wonderful things to say about the builder and the neighborhood. We had a great meeting with Chet and Clint, going back and forth about ideas. It wasn't long until we came up with a plan. We were so excited to start our dream home!

When it came to the full design process and picking out finishes, it felt relaxed with a low-pressure atmosphere. The team openly shared ideas and collaborated with all of the details we wanted in a home. Claire, the interior designer, was amazingly helpful! Being new to the home building process can be overwhelming with all of the decision making, but she was able to see our vision and help us with all of the details.

The build process itself went very smooth and quick. Clint was always in contact with subcontractors and communicated with us frequently regarding the timeline. We were very excited to be able to move in a week early!

Our family is loving the extra space and additions we would not have envisioned without Chet and his team. We were also happy to see that the energy bills in our larger home had gone down!

We would absolutely recommend Wesenberg Homes! They do an excellent job. The process is easy, and they went above and beyond by thinking about the needs of our family and how we would best utilize our dream home!

-McHenry & Sara

I sat on the Habitat for Humanity board with Chet so I knew his level of integrity right up front. I still did my due diligence by looking at a few other builders but came back to the Wesenberg Homes team. It is all about trust and I felt I could trust them.

I had been through a few Parade of Homes and was familiar with the work they did. I realized right away that Wesenberg Homes was higher quality and having Clint as the Project Manager really made the whole process smooth for my wife and I who had done a ton of research online, through books, and viewing over a half dozen spec home floor plans. We desired something unique and custom and never felt that it was an issue for the design team. I could tell how closely they were listening to our needs and wants because they really dug into how each room would be used and how that would affect the design.