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A garage can be a variety of things to a variety of people. It can be a place to park your car and store your lawn mower or it can be a space you go to work on cars or bikes, unwind and have an evening beverage. Whatever you plan to do with your garage, there are three major considerations when you’re building: what is allowed, what will fit and what you are planning to use your garage for.

What is Allowed?

This one is a little mundane and is determined by your local municipal building codes and, if applicable, the development’s covenants. It is an important factor to consider when determining where to move – make certain you check into these before making any purchasing decisions. Your real estate agent can help you navigate these and make certain you choose a lot that works for you.

We will design your home and create a plan that meets the required state codes, municipal codes, and other requirements. Speaking of, local municipal codes for a garage design vary even within the Fox Valley area – check these examples out:

Fond du Lac: "Maximum size. The area of a garage shall not be greater than the footprint of the dwelling."
Oshkosh: "Maximum 1,200 Square feet allowed per lot, including all attached, detached, sheds, etc..."
Neenah: "One private garage not to exceed 816 square feet."
Grand Chute: “No garage shall exceed 1,000 square feet unless on a parcel greater than 24,000 square feet." "No garage foundation shall exceed the size of the living area foundation"

Good thing a quality architect and builder will handle that part for you!

What will Fit?

Fit considers the actual buildable area of your property, what your needs are for the living area, along with the balance and appearance of both living and garage space. During the design process you will identify the spaces most important to you and this includes the garage. We also focus on balancing need with an aesthetically-pleasing design you will want to come home to for years to come. It’s most inviting to keep the main entrance as a focal point from the street and not have large, dominating garage doors be the first visual read. As an architect-led builder, we have the expertise to strike this balance and can help you develop a space that has it all.

Identifying Your Needs

Sounds easy, right? You own a car, truck, and boat, so three-car garage it is. What about the truck and boat sizes, additional room for loading and unloading or perhaps bikes, a lawn mower, and storing the patio set in winter? Does that mean you need a four-car garage? Or maybe a three plus a storage bay? Take your time to think about what will go in your garage to make sure it’s large enough for now and in the future. Given the breadth of experience our architects and designers have, we can discuss your usage and provide you with a garage that meets your needs and wants. Keeping the garage design to the proper size for your usage can help homeowners stay organized and get the most out of their overall space.

All this and we thought it was just a garage! See some of our Exterior images which include garage curb appeal.

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