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New Year, New Paint

One of the simplest ways to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. Adding new color to your walls or furniture is a cost-effective way to make an eye-catching change. Our interior designers take time to create simple color palettes for our customers as they put the finishing touches on their new home. From a lively twist on the classic white, to a comfortable blend of warm and cool, we have our 2020 favorites ready to share.

Fresh Whites

Whites are a popular paint trend this season. As often with building, what’s old is new and new is old. While some people may feel that white on white on white is sterile, this concept is anything but boring. Layering your neutrals and adding pops of color within your furniture or decor lends age and depth to this versatile color. Freshen up your walls with one of these colors and then buy some fun pillows or a new rug to add a pop of color. As times passes and trends change or your style grows, updating your decor is more exciting than repainting.

Warm vs Cool Tones

While the love affair with gray is fading in the industry, we are still going to be using it for some time. Instead of the cool crisp gray that’s been in most new homes you’ve seen in the past several years, we are going begin mixing our grays with warmer undertones. These saturated gray colors are great for entire rooms, an accent wall, or even furniture pieces.

Classic Blues

The new neutral. Sherwin Williams named their Naval color as 2020 Color of the Year. This rich, navy blue is calming and confident, and the perfect accent to include within your home. Blue Hues are considered the new neutral and ready to make a statement whether it be an accent wall, within furniture, or even getting bold and incorporating it into your cabinetry with an contrasted island, upper or lower cabinets, or a laundry room.

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