Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting nicer. Spring is a great time to get a few home maintenance items completed so you spend less time on your home during the summer and more time enjoying it. Whether it’s visually checking parts of your home or cleaning them, it’s important to keep your home operating as safely and efficiently as possible to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Ventilation Intake
A Wesenberg Home comes equipped with a ventilation system that automatically breathes for your home. Our goal is to build your home very airtight to provide maximum energy efficiency and comfort. To keep the air inside fresh, your ventilation system runs by itself to bring in fresh, filtered air. Typically, the intake is located near ground level outside and connects to an insulated duct in your basement. Look at the grill from outside to be sure it isn’t clogged with dirt, lint, grass, lake flies, or anything else. Since ventilation brings in outside air, it creates a suction that can eventually get obstructed.
Dryer Vent
Visually inspect the exhaust point for your dryer vent. As lint gets past the dryer trap, it can build up on the grill outside which can restrict the opening and closing of the vent flaps. If they’re stuck open, cold air during the winter leaks back into the home when the dryer isn’t in use. If they’re stuck shut, your dryer won’t perform correctly, and clothes may feel damp after a dry cycle. Clean lint buildup off the dryer vent cap outside and check that the flaps move freely.
Spring is the first time of the year to feed your lawn with fertilizer. Some recommend an early Spring fertilizer and a late Spring, while others just apply a late Spring fertilizer. Either way, it’s a good idea to begin fertilizing your lawn during the Spring months to start it off strong and healthy for the season ahead.
Clean your gutters out of leftover leaves from the Fall and make sure your downspouts drain away from the basement walls.
Driveway, Patio, & Sidewalks
Visually inspect your concrete and blacktop surfaces for growing cracks or other issues that can be scheduled for repair during the warmer months ahead.
Plumbing Fixtures
Have you ever noticed a faucet in the home slowly have reduced or uneven water flow? There’s a chance this is because the aerator is partially blocked by mineral deposits. Most faucets have tips that can be unscrewed by hand right where the water comes out. Unscrew these and look at the backside of the aerator screen to rinse off any buildup and then screw them back on.
Heat/AC Registers
Next time you vacuum the house, look closely at the registers across the home to clean dust and other buildup off them. We have the most air going through our heat registers during the winter, so that’s when they become the dirtiest with dust, pet hair, etc. Vacuum them off and keep the air coming out fresh and clean.
Air Conditioner
Before we hit Summer and cooling season, Spring is the best time to call your local HVAC contractor for an AC check and tune-up.
Sump Pump
If Spring thaw hasn’t caused your sump pump to turn on yet, it may be a good time to confirm it’s working. Luckily there’s a great way to check that it’s working, while also extending the life of your water heater. The method consists of draining your water heater into the sump pit to clear sediment buildup from the water heater, while confirming the added water activates the sump pump properly. Before attempting this, please read more details on your water heater maintenance schedule to properly and safely drain it.
Bath Fan Grills & Blades
Rarely done, but important to their performance, bath fan grills and the blades of the fan should be cleaned to maintain optimal performance. As bath fans pull air from the room, they accumulate dust too, which needs to be cleaned off, so they continue to remove moisture from bathrooms properly. If they get slowed down from dust buildup, they’ll remove less moisture from the room and likely begin to sound louder as well.
As Spring gets us closer to open-window season, now is a great time to open and close each window to check that they’re moving freely and easily.
Are you tired of home maintenance?

The Preserve at Sawyer Creek is perfect for those who want the privacy of their own home, but the convenience of maintenance-free life. If you’re looking to have home maintenance including lawn, snow removal, and more taken care of for you, call us today. We have a couple Ready Home condos under construction and less than 15 condo sites left!

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