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Wall Insulation: What, Why, and How?

Wall insulation isn’t glamorous, decorative or, frankly, very exciting. However, it is an important component of every new home build, and is too often overlooked and under-analyzed. We know how important it is and give it the love it deserves.

As a part of our modeling and optimization process, eFree Advisors, can tell us the smartest type of insulation to put in our walls, how much of it, and how to best install it. This ensures optimal performance and the best use of our customer’s budget, maximized comfort, and both energy and cost efficiency.

I bet you’re wondering more! Let’s dig into the what, why, and how of wall insulation.

What kind of wall insulation and why?

Sounds simple and straightforward, right? Not with so many options on the market! Common practice in the building industry is to do the same kind of insulation on every home with an option to upgrade to something with a higher R-value. This doesn’t address the customization that exists within many homes.

We address customization by working with eFree Advisors. They model each one of our custom-designed homes specific to its location and include important details such as which direction the home faces, whether it’s natural gas or propane, the size and location of windows and overhangs, and so much more. This information is then crossed with the cost of the insulation and the energy bill savings of each potential wall insulation option.

We don’t assume the same kind of insulation is the best option for every home – it’s a CUSTOM home! And custom homes are always unique. Deciding what insulation and knowing exactly why sounds a bit complicated. Don't worry, we make it easy by partnering with independent energy experts. No guesswork, no bias, just straightforward recommendations.


Optimizing the type of insulation is an important first step that makes a Wesenberg Home more valuable and a better investment. Detailing how the insulation is installed and verifying the installation process is also crucial to the final performance of the home. Once we finalize what we’re putting in, then we review installation specifications with the subcontractor to help stay on schedule, stay on budget, and ensure our customer is getting the best value. After we agree on the install specifications, then we verify the work after it’s completed and before sheetrock begins. We differentiate ourselves by checking and rechecking everything – even if you can’t “see” it!

The typical build process doesn’t include detailed insulation and air sealing audits, but doing so can save a lot of time, money, and safeguard from future cold winter drafts, moisture problems and more. An optimized wall insulation becomes non-optimal if it isn’t put in correctly, so planning before install occurs and confirming the field work brings it full circle.

Paying attention to all details – no matter how glamorous – is one of the ways Wesenberg Homes benefits you when designing and building a home to thrive in for years to come. Find the perfect Ready Home for your family today.

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